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Manual Testing Interview Questions Set-3

101. What is System Testing? Testing that attempts to discover defects that are properties of the entire system rather than of its individual components is called System testing. 102. What is Testability? The degree to which a system or component facilitates the establishment of test criteria and the performance of tests to determine whether those […]

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Manual Testing Interview Questions Set-2

51. What is Endurance Testing? Checks for memory leaks or other problems that may occur with prolonged execution. 52. What is End-to-End testing? Testing a complete application environment in a situation that mimics real-world use, such as interacting with a database, using network communications, or interacting with other hardware, applications, or systems if appropriate is […]

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Manual Testing Interview Questions Set-1

Here, we have laid down the 50 most essential manual testing interview questions and answers Set-1. Any tester who is preparing for a job change or wish to acquaint himself with the nitty-gritty of the software testing should read this post for quick results. 1. What is a Bug? When actual result deviates from the expected […]

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