How to copy Set content to another HashSet ? How to copy Set content to another HashSet?

nuevo sistema de citas por internet para visas de no-inmigrante Below example shows how to copy another collection object to HashSet object. By calling addAll() method you can copy another collection to HashSet object.

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elite online dating service package HashSet; import java.util.HashSet; public class HashSetCopy { public static void main(String a[]){ HashSet<String> hs = new HashSet<String>(); //add elements to HashSet hs.add("Selenium"); hs.add("Java"); hs.add("QTP"); System.out.println(hs); HashSet<String> subSet = new HashSet<String>(); subSet.add("Perl"); subSet.add("Ruby"); hs.addAll(subSet); System.out.println("HashSet content after adding another collection:"); System.out.println(hs); } } go Output:
[Java, Selenium, QTP]
HashSet content after adding another collection:
[Java, Perl, Selenium, QTP, Ruby]